Terratiga Ltd. - Our Quality, Your Profit

With over two decades experience in Nigeria, Terratiga Ltd. produces, distributes and advises its customers on feed solutions for the livestock farming business.

We are the sole importer of animal feed concentrates from Koudijs Animal Nutrition B.V. in the Netherlands. Our company supplies a wide range of feed concentrates for the Poultry, Turkey, Piggery & Cattle Industry. Additionally, we can also develop customized solutions on request to suit your specific farming conditions.

Our head office is located in Ikeja, Lagos. From here, we operate with a network of distributors all over Nigeria. Locate your nearest outlet here or simply fill in our contact form. We will then make sure to get in touch with you very soon.

In addition to concentrates, our organization also produces complete feeds with our feed mill in Lagos. We produce these products under the highest quality standards to ensure your livestock receives the optimal nutrition to maximize your performance.

Furthermore, our qualified Nigerian staff is trained and supported by Koudijs Animal Nutrition B.V in the Netherlands. Our network consists of a worldwide team of experts and state of the art laboratory facilities. In conclusion, Terratiga Ltd. is there to provide your farm with the technical support that keeps you ahead in the market.

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