In our laboratory we can analyze the nutritional composition of raw materials and complete feeds. We do these analyses completely free of charge for our regular customers. Additionally, we can also perform aflatoxin or digestibility analyses at minimal charges. Make use of these services and rest assured that your livestock receives the optimal feed they need.
Making use of our laboratory services is very simple, just follow the steps below:
  • 1) Draw a random sample

    It is always a best practice to draw your sample at a random time, from a random batch. The sample should be at least 350g but preferably between 350g–500g.

  • 2) Label the sample

    Every sample should be labeled to make sure you know which sample came from which batch. This can be done by numbering the sample bag with a permanent marker or by adding a small paper with the sample details in the bag.

  • 3) Fill in the sample request form

    Fill in the sample request with all the required information. Please note that undocumented or incomplete sample request forms will not be analyzed.

  • 4) Send the documented sample to:

    Terratiga Limited
    Quality Control Department
    4 Metal Box Road
    Off Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Estate,
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  • 5) Receive the results by email

    If all steps are successfully completed, we send analysis results within 24 hours. This will be sent to your email address with our lab analyst’s comments.

In case you have questions about the results, please feel free to contact your sales representative for more detailed feedback.