Koudijs Animal Nutrition B.V.

Koudijs a family-owned and independent company

Koudijs Animal Nutrition is a global top-20 leading producer and exporter of a complete program of feed, concentrates and premixes. Production takes place in both the Netherlands and abroad. Our company is able to fall back on the resources of its parent company, De Heus International. This is the largest independent, family-run animal nutrition producing company in the Netherlands.

Know-how and experience

Over the past 100 years Koudijs Animal Nutrition has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of animal feed and husbandry. The expertise is based on daily involvement with feed production in highly competitive markets, the findings of own research farms and co-operation with domestic and foreign research institutes. As such, Koudijs Animal Nutrition has built up a reputation that provides a perfect guarantee for reliability and quality.


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